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Indian Air Force Airmen Syllabus 2018

Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Exam Syllabus 2018 2019 | Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Syllabus and Exam Pattern are given on this page.

Indian Air Force Airmen Syllabus 2018

Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Selection Process:
The Selection Procedure of the Exam will be as follows: Written Test, Adaptability Test1, Adaptability Test2 & Dynamic Factor Test (DFT)

Verification of Eligibility. Original Educational Certificates (10th passing Certificate and 12th passing Certificate & Marks Sheets) and other required applicable original documents like NCC ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ certificate, Son of serving Air Force Personnel (SOAFP) certificate (or) , Discharge Book, Service Book, Service Particular Certificate/Casualty Service Certificate (or) Discharge Certificate (if discharged from Army/Navy/ Government organisation), Consent Form (signed by parents if candidate below 18 years of age) and passport size colour photographs shall be required and scrutinized/verified at the examination venue prior to commencement of Physical Fitness Test to ascertain the eligibility prima-facie. Detailed verification will be carried out later in respect of candidates who pass Physical Fitness Test and subsequently the Written Test. Candidature of those who do not meet the laid down educational criteria shall be rejected during Initial verification of original certificates & mark sheets prior to conduct of Physical Fitness Test and also during detailed verification on clearing the Physical Fitness Test as well as Written Test.

Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Exam Details:

Medical Standards.

(a) General Medical Standards shall be as follows: –

(i) Chest: Minimum range of expansion: 5 cm

(ii) Weight: Proportionate to height and age.

(iii) Corneal Surgery (PRK/LASIK) not acceptable.

(iv) Hearing: Candidate should have normal hearing i.e. able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters with each ear separately.

(v) Dental: Should have healthy gums, good set of teeth and minimum 14 dental points.

(vi) Health: Candidate should be of normal anatomy without loss of any appendages. He should be free from any active or latent, acute or chronic, medical or surgical disability or infection and skin ailments. Candidate must be physically and mentally FIT to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.

(b) Height, Leg Length, Visual Standards and Colour Vision are as follows:
Body Tattoo: Permanent body tattoos shall not be permitted. However, tattoos only on inner face of the fore arms (inside of elbow to the wrist), back (dorsal) part of the hand/reverse side of palm and for Tribals tattoos which are as per custom and traditions of their tribes may be considered. However, right to decide on acceptability/unacceptability of the individual shall rest with the Selection Centre. Candidates with permanent body tattoos shall submit two photographs (close up and distant view) with details of size and type of the Tattoo.

Only Sikh candidates, whose religion prohibits the cutting of the hair or shaving of face of its member, shall be permitted to grow hair and/or retain beard and moustache. Accordingly, those Sikh candidates willing to retain the same as per laid down specification are to get their photographs with beard and moustache.

Exam Pattern for Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Posts:

Group „Y‟ (Non-Technical) IAF(S) Trade.

(a) Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

(i) 1.6 Km run – within 5 minutes 40 seconds: The Candidate is to run 1.6 Kms on a marked course, within timings.

(ii) Chin up – minimum 08: The Candidate is to hang from a bar with under-grip and pull his body upwards till the chin clears the bar. He is to lower the body until the elbows are completely straight and the body is in the ‘dead hanging’ position.

(iii) Push-up (plank type) – minimum 20 : The candidate is to place his palms flat on the ground directly underneath the shoulders with the elbows straight and locked. The body is to be straight and inclined to the ground with the body weight supported by the hands and the toes. The body is to be maintained straight when being lowered with only the elbows bent. The chest is to remain off the floor in the lower most position.

(iv) Bent Knee Sit Ups – minimum 20 : The candidate is to lie down flat on his back with fingers interlocked behind the head, with knees bent in a comfortable position. A partner is to stand on the candidate toes to prevent them from lifting. The candidate is to sit up to a vertical position touching the knees with his forehead and return to the starting position.

Note: Candidates are advised to bring their sports shoes and shorts/track pant.


(b) Written Test. All candidates who qualify PFT will have to undertake Written Test on the same or subsequent day depending on the local conditions. The Written Test will be objective type and question paper will be bilingual (English & Hindi) except for English paper. Answers are to be annotated on OMR sheet. Detailed procedure shall be explained before conduct of the examination. Duration of the written test will be 45 minutes and will comprise of English as per 10+2 CBSE syllabus and Reasoning & General Awareness (RAGA). CANDIDATES ARE TO QUALIFY IN EACH PAPER SEPARATELY. Results of the written test will be declared on the same day

(c) Adaptability Test-1. All candidates who pass the Written Test will have to undertake Adaptability Test-1 on the same or subsequent day depending on the local conditions. Adaptability Test – 1 is to assess suitability of a candidate for employment in the IAF which involves deployment in varied geographic terrain, weather and operational conditions.

(d) Adaptability Test-2. All candidates who pass Adaptability Test-I will have to undertake Adaptability Test-2 as per policy in vogue. Adaptability Test-2 is to select candidates who can adapt to the environment of Indian Air Force and are able to adjust to the military way of life.

(e) Dynamic Factor Test (DFT). All candidates who pass Adaptability Test-2 will have to undertake Dynamic Factor Test to assess the required qualities to function as IAF (Security) in Indian Air Force.
Medical Examination: Candidates who qualify Dynamic Factor Test (DFT) shall be medically examined in the month of January 2019 at SMC, Air Force Station Tambaram. Medical Examination shall be conducted by Air Force Medical Team as per IAF medical standards and existing policy in vogue. Medical Examination would also include Baseline Investigation of : – (a) Blood Haemogram – Hb, TLC, DLC (b) Urine RE/ME (c) Biochemistry:- (i) Blood Sugar Fasting & PP (ii) Serum Cholesterol (iii) Urea, Uric acid, Creatinine (iv) LFT- Serum Bilurubin, SGOT, SGPT (d) X- Ray chest (PA view) (e) ECG (R) Candidates declared Medically Unfit can avail the option for Appeal Medical Board (AMB) against their Unfitness by depositing Rs. 40/- in a Government Treasury/RBI/SBI through Military Receivable Order (MRO). The application for AMB along with original copy of MRO, photocopy of Unfitness Certificate are to be submitted to the representative of 8 ASC, AF within three working days of Medical examination. AMB Centre will be SMC, Air Force Station Avadi / SMC, HQ Training Command (Unit), Air Force Station Bengaluru .

Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Syllabus PDF Download:

Here Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Syllabus is provided for the candidates preparing for Exam. Candidates those who have applied for Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Recruitment 2018 can use this syllabus helps you to give your best in the Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Exam. The Indian Air Force Syllabus topics mentioned below. The standard syllabus for Indian Air Force Airmen in Group “Y” (Non-Technical) Exam is

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